Longjin Pharmaceutical adheres to the talent cultivation concept. We continuously build a working environment to the benefit of giving play to the staff’s greatest potential and try best to help staff grow and create the highest value.

We provide the working opportunity full of challenge, equal and mutual-trust working atmosphere, scientific and sound training mechanism, competitive salary system and warm and humanized welfare guarantee.

Longjin Pharmaceutical focuses on building a platform for talents grow-up and expands the staff career development opportunity to promote the diversified and comprehensive development of talents. We provide staff with the smooth and diversified occupational promotion channels. The staff may choose different promotion channels according to personal potential and future career development planning. They may choose to develop through the vertical channel or by post adjustment horizontally.

We advocate the employment mechanism “Ability-oriented Employment”. We provide relevant personnel’s posts for open competition by all staff every year, to offer the fair competition opportunity to capable persons and also urge all staff to continuously study and improve comprehensive ability, so as to meet the job qualification requirements of relevant posts, create value for the company and continuously improve personal core competitiveness in the meantime.



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